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Monday Morning Art: Union Building Revisited


We kick off this Valentine’s week with an image that doesn’t really have anything to do with the holiday, sorry.  This is a digitally-assaulted photograph of the Union Building, taken on a late summer’s day back in 2005, and re-assaulted yesterday afternoon.  It’s part of my “pop-art Charleston” series of digitally-assaulted photographs that I might get around to finishing one of these days.

 As always, click the photo for a larger view.  And go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. Both are now approaching six months without a single customer!


  1. Charleston Charlie

    Rudy, I had thought about going to purchase a t-shirt or coffee cup with today’s graphic from your online store.

    Then I thought, why break the record and disrupted the universe.

    It would kind of be like when the Cubs have good year…

    …just doesn’t seem right.

  2. Douglas Imbrogno

    That’s cold.

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