There are all kinds of cool things happening in town this weekend, but I’m only going to plug one of them. The reasons for this are A) I’m slacking off because it’s my birthday weekend and B) this is a really cool thing that I would go to, except for the fact that it’s on my birthday, which I will be observing in an undisclosed location.

Friday there’s an all-day show at The Red Carpet, beginning at 1 PM (doors open at noon) and it features several friends of Radio Free Charleston on the bill paying tribute to Friday the 13th.  Among the RFC faves you can see are The Big Bad, The Jasons, Boldly Go and Jerks, and quite a few other notable bands too.

You should know the drill by now. The pandemic is still not over.  In fact, it’s getting worse again. If you are fully vaccinated and ready to do your best to stay safe, you should go check this stuff out. Outdoor shows were okay for vaccinated folks to go maskless, but maybe not at the moment. Indoor shows leave you at the mercy of your fellow patrons, and with the Delta variant surging, why risk any exposure? I know there are folks who hate the idea of wearing masks, even if they’re not vaccinated. Those people are why you should wear a mask.

Hell, Jason wears a mask.

So use your common sense and stay safe…and support the local scene. Here’s the flyer for the show…