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Last year we told you about Jason Pell’s Kickstarter campaign for the book Pinpricks, which presented 101 very short, clever and slightly twisted stories, each accompanied by an illustration.

The book was a real gem. He easily made his goal and successfuly funded the project, and Pinpricks was, to date, the only Kickstarter project I’ve backed where the rewards were not only delivered on time, but actually arrived a month ahead of schedule.

Now the campaign has begun for the follow-up. Pinpricks Blue presents 101 more clever, twisted short stories, presented in the same classy manner with a small hardcover book, hand-wrapped in a bundle, tied with string, with a gift tag written by Robert Burgess.

In the book, Jason channels the troubled storyteller, Robert Burgess, who would rather you not peer at the tales woven by his disturbed mind. You can read what Robert has to say, and explore the rewards for this campaign HERE, or just follow the widget…

Pinpricks was a sublimely entertaining creation, and Pinpricks Blue promises to double your macabre pleasure with more wildly entertaining tales of mystery and imagination.