Radio Free Charleston, the flagship show on the The AIR pauses this week to look back at its beginning on this internet radio station. Listen at

Tuesday at 10 AM The AIR re-presents the first episode of RFC “Volume 4.” Over three years ago, when “On The AIRadio” rose from the ashes of Voices of Appalachia, we decided to start Radio Free Charleston over with a new “number one” episode, and that’s why we use the “volume 4” designation. Originally a two-hour weekly show, we decided to cut RFC down to sixty minutes when The AIR shortened its name, and yours truly suddenly found himself responsible for the whole station back in July, 2016. The two-hour episodes haven’t been heard since, until today. As has become the norm, our first episode featured a mix of then-new local music, and cool stuff from deep in the RFC Archives. Here’s the playlist:


Jordan Andrew Jefferson “White Light”
The Smoky Room “Pie Chart”
No Rain “Don’t Come Around”
Jack Griffith “Everything It Takes”
Dina “Pies”
The Laser Beams “Eden By The Fire Escape”
Sheldon Vance “Don’t Walk Away”
Miss Mousie and The Rigamarole “Dumpsters and Divebars”
Neil Zaza “Take On Me”
Under Surveillance “Rachel”
The Nanker Phelge “Meerkat and Wombat”
Trielement “Ultra Violet”
The Company Stores “Pocket Change”
Wolfgang Parker “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”
Superfetch “Suck My D*ck ISIS”
Mark Wolfe “Gypsy Rant”
The Heydays “Shady Grove”
Bud Carroll “Mistaken Identity”
Out of Nowhere “Rise Above”
Tape Age “Worst Night Of My Life”
J Marinelli “The Great Negation”
Joe Vallina “Humble Days”
Renaissance “So Blase”
Stark Raven “It Never Goes Away”
Clownhole “Old Man Jumping A Fence”
Under The Radar “All Along The Watchtower”
Bobaflex “Pray To The Devil”
Syphter “No Laughing Matter”

At 10 PM we’ll go back to July, 2016 for what I believe was only the third one-hour episode of Radio Free Charleston.


Jeff Ellis and 40 Days “Must Be Something In The Water”
The Laser Beams “The Ballad of Patrick Morrissey”
Strawfyssh “Netted Fish”
Trielement “Accidental Chaos”
Hybrid Soul Project “Stay”
The Science Fair Explosion “Cosmic Girls”
69 Fingers “Average Joe”
The Renfields “Transylvania Fight Song”
Time and Distance “War”
Mother Nang “Peel”
Farnsworth “I’ll Tell You When I’ve Had Enough”
Qiet “Daddy’s Too Old”
Blue Million “Down To A Groove”

New episodes of Radio Free Charleston can usually be heard Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM, with replays Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 8 PM, Saturday at noon and Midnight, and Sunday at 3 PM exclusively on The AIR. The reason for the special repeats this week is that next week sees episode 100, and it’s taking time to prepare.

At 2 PM Tuesday Nigel Pye checks in from Haversham Recording Institute with a 60-minute mixtape of groovy Psychedelic Rock. This week it will be a fresh episode, if it downloads in time for us to slap on the schedule. .

Psychedelic Shack can be heard Tuesday’s at 2 PM, with replays Wednesday at 11 AM, Thursday at 9 AM and 10 PM and Saturday at 7 AM and the following Tuesday at 9 AM.

Tuesday at 3 PM your PopCulteer returns to host a new hour of The Swing Shift as we continue to bring you the best Swing Music of the last century. This week we present an assortment of Swing that runs the gamut from current European revivalists to classics from the Golden Age to Elektro-Swing, 90’s revivalists and more.  This week’s show is a mystery, as it’s being recorded after we write this post.

You can hear The Swing Shift Tuesday at 3 PM, with replays Wednesday at 7 AM, Thursday at 7 PM and Saturday at 9 AM, only on The AIR. You can also hear all-night marathons, seven hours each, starting at Midnight Thursday and Sunday evenings.