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Radio Free Charleston Hits 125!

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April 1, 2011

Production Notes For RFC 125

At the head of this post, you see the most expensive episode of Radio Free Charleston ever produced. Hosted from a very special place on the West Side, our 125th installment, “Robot Bhudda Shirt”, features a very special motion capture video for Mother Nang, with a seven figure budget, directed by a big name Hollywood talent whom we cannot name (but it rhymes with Smemeckis). We also have a very provocative video starring Pepper Fandango and a pricey Trans-Atlantic location shoot with Adrian DeQuiros. Also in this episode, Kitty Killton returns and our animation is the most family friendly we’ve ever featured on the show.

Rudy standing in Roger Bartfast’s “World Of Washington” on Charleston’s West Side

Host segments for this episode were shot at Roger Bartfast’s backyard on the West Side of Charleston. Starting April 1, Roger’s “World of Washington” will be open to the public. This is an amazing creation. Mr. Bartfast has been hard at work on this project for at least thirty-seven years. What he’s done is create a replica of the National Mall in Washington, DC, using miniatures, forced perspective, and kinetic sculpture. If you stand in just the right spot, you will think you are in Washington, DC, with tourists circling in the background and monuments and memorials surrounding you.

We include simple directions to Roger’s “World of Washington” in the show and will be telling you much more about it here in PopCult in the future.

The Kitty Came Back

We are pleased to present the return of Kitty Killton. Kitty, caught in a casual moment, greets her fans and promises big things in the coming year from her, Scott Elkins and Dump Star Productions. As usual, Kitty’s speech is peppered with colorful tones.

Pepper Fandango is a mainstay of the Monday Open Mic Nights at The Empty Glass. You’ve seen her on Radio Free Charleston before as a member of The Buttonflies and under her witness protection name.

Pepper spices things up on RFC 125

Pepper has undertaken the task of performing an original song on the banjo in the bathtub, sans clothing. To keep this episode family friendly, we have employed some handy black bars. However, if you are the type of daring soul who wants to gaze upon Pepper in all her glory, you can see the uncensored version of this video right here. Be advised, this link is Not Safe for Grandmas, and may induce the vapors in sensitive viewers.

Just a glimpse of the family-friendly animation

Our animation this time is a happy little adventure created by young Frank Panucci and it may well be the most family friendly cartoon that we’ve ever featured on the show.

The title card from the big-budget Mother Nang video

Mother Nang, who are playing at The Blue Parrot on April 15 at 10:00 PM, star in a very special, effects laden music video for their song “Peel”. We were very lucky that a big time Hollywood director has taken an interest in the band and decided to bankroll and direct this music video, using the latest in motion capture technology for which he is very well known.

State of the art motion-capture animation is the highlight of “Peel”

This original song by Mother Nang and the accompanying video with its dazzling special effects could be the big break that pushes Mother Nang to international stardom. Special thanks also go out to Jesse Ventura, R. Lee Ermey, Kiefer Sutherland, and Joe Colton, who also appear in the video.

Adrian, filmed near the famous Paris landmark, Bibliothèque publique du comté de Kanawha

Wrapping up the show, we have our first European footage. On a whim last month, we decided to fuel up the Radio Free Charleston jet and fly Charleston’s notorious busker, Adrian DeQuiros, to Paris, France to capture him working his street magic in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Again, this was a very expensive shoot. It will probably at least a couple of months before we fly to Europe to shoot another music video on Radio Free Charleston. Hey, everybody’s gotta tighten their belts these days.

And that’s it for our gala 125th episode. We hope its lived up to our previous milestone episodes, like Radio Free Charleston number 40. Our next episode will go live on April 11th. Until then, enjoy the holiday, I got stuff to do.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    The cartoon made me want to go to church, and I have goat legs and horns. What a crazy thing that was!

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