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RFC Correction

nakedseal.pngAs pointed out in the comments about the latest Radio Free Charleston, I screwed up.  I spelled Allen Ginsberg’s name “Alan” instead of “Allen.”  I shall go and listen to the recording of “Howl” as read by the guy who did the voice for Donald Duck as my penance. 

 Meanwhile, go watch the show.


  1. Mexican Romeo

    You think you screwed up? I made halfway through the song before I realized it was about Allen Ginsberg and not Alan Greenspan.

    “I Never Slept With Alan Greenspan” was a much, much funnier song.

    ‘nother good show, btw. Love the Deevil cartoons.

  2. Elvis Capone

    Nah you wrong

    It was Howard the Duck who Anal Ginsberg did the voice for

    Sometimes you need to fak chek

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