I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but aside from what I’m posting below, there are tons of things in and around Charleston to keep you busy this late-summer weekend.  I am still considering suspending this feature during the surge in the pandemic. I have really mixed feelings about this. At the moment, I do not feel safe going out anywhere. That’s just me. I’m immunocompromised, and I’ve been pushing my luck recently, so I’m personally going back into hermit mode for the time being.

However, there are some really cool things happening in Charleston. Foremost is the Charleston Ghost Tour, which is a wonderful thing to have in the city, even if I can’t even consider doing a walking tour until the temps drop about twenty degrees around here. That doesn’t mean that those of you who are made of heartier stock shouldn’t partake, so check out their website, or look them up on social media for more details than you get in this neat graphic…

If you are interested in The Charleston Ghost Tour, check with them quick. The available spots are filling up very fast.

As for the rest of the weekend, you should know the drill by now. The pandemic is still not over.  In fact, it’s beengetting  way worse again. If you are fully vaccinated and ready to do your best to stay safe, you should go check this stuff out. Outdoor shows might be okay for vaccinated folks to go maskless, but maybe not at the moment. Indoor shows leave you at the mercy of your fellow patrons, and with the Delta variant surging, why risk any exposure? I know there are folks who hate the idea of wearing masks, even if they’re not vaccinated. Those people are why you should wear a mask.

If anybody gives you grief over wearing a mask…get the hell out of there. It’s not safe. Nobody wants to be the last person to die of COVID.

So use your common sense and stay safe…and support the local scene. Here are a few select shows happening in Charleston this weekend…