Here’s a special bonus RFC song.  Just about 27 hours before this message is being posted, we recorded Parkersburg singer/songwriter John Radcliff at LiveMix Studio for episode 16 of Radio Free Charleston.  Some of you old-timers may remember John’s amazing guitar work with The Swivel Rockers, Feast of Stephen and The Mad Scientist Club.   About six years ago, he started writing and singing his own material, and I was blown away by the quality of his tunesmithery.

This song, “Writing’s Hard” is not going to be on Radio Free Charleston.   John gave us such a wealth of material that we have plenty left over, so you’ll get this “bonus” cut, and probably another one as episode 16 approaches.  Which at this point looks to be March 12.  Our crew for this shoot was Melanie Larch and myself on camera, Brian Young with his masterful sound design, and John Radcliff, singing and playing his music all over the studio (this song was recorded in the kitchen). 

 So enjoy this little treat, and get ready for episode 15 of RFC on Monday, featuring The Heydays and Appalachian Celtic Consort, plus a very special Pentagram Flowerbox.  Plus, don’t forget to check out John’s blog.