The Empty Glass continues its new tradition of bringing top touring acts in on Thursday nights and having them perform with NO COVER! Tomorrow evening sees The Stonecutters swoop in from Louisville with none other than RFC faves, HarraH opening and debuting a new line-up.  Soundergeist will also be on the bill. It will be a loud, fun night of music and the Radio Free Charleston crew will be on hand to record a special number for episode 200!  The show starts at 9:30 PM, so it won’t be one of those late-nights that so many folks use as an excuse not to catch live music in Charleston.

The following passage describes The Stonecutters. It’s either from the Bible or their website: “A dire, last minute, prophetic warning to a society hellbent on destroying everything it touches. Comprised of genuine 502 metal scene veterans, battle tested, past present and future. Amazing artwork from the jaded one himself, Dave Pollard. Any true Metal enthusiast will dig this, radio listnin’ woozleys need not apply. Punishing, brutal, beautiful, soothing, and primal music for these uncertain and turbulant times. Play at very high volume, preferably in a residential area. You’re not worthy.”