Doctor Curmudgeon Bootleg Video Leak from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

I was lucky enough to get to attend an exclusive musical debut last Friday.  Chuck Biel’s new band, Doctor Curmudgeon, featuring Vince Biel, Zack Shawkins and Chuck Bielski, invited a small group of Charleston’s enlightened musical afficianados to listen in on their latest musical experiement.You can see some of this concentrated musical energy in the video clip at the top of this post.

It was a stunning debut.  Doctor Curmudgeon unleashed a progressive metal onslaught complete with complex baselines, insane time signatures and guitar solos that could probably be classified as controlled substances.

Even though the room was kept dark to preserve the cutting edge atmosphere, I whipped out the handy Zi8 and recorded most of the show.  From that, comes the above clip, for the tune,  “My Demon Math Metal Tune Just Ate Your Artsy-Folksy Americana Song…Sorry” The video is very dark. You can’t really see the pole-mounted power drill that Chuck uses on his guitar during the solos.

The music was so fantastic that I just had to share it ASAP.  In the future, we will have the band on Radio Free Charleston in all their fully-lit glory.  In next friday’s PopCulteer I’ll have a more detailed review of last Friday’s show, with more video.  In the meantime, check their website for more samples of this awesome music1