Svetlana is a Russion Prostitute, and she has many fun adventures in Hollywood. Actually, Svetlana is a character created by Actress/Author/Comedian Iris Bahr, and she has her own show on HD Net (available from Suddenlink and Direct TV).  Her Svetlana character stars in the show, and it’s became a not-so-guilty pleasure of your PopCulteer. With sharp writing and great acting, it’s a well-crafted show, and it’s also good, raunchy fun.

Bahr has been around for a few years, appearing in everything from Star Trek videogames to sitcoms like The Drew Carey Show and Friends.  her first book, “Dork Whore” is a highly acclaimed account of her travels in Asia, and a second book on South America is on the way. Bahr is also noted as playing a character in the pilot episode for “Big Bang Theory” that was cut out before the show aired.  Had she not been excised, she might be playing a female nerd instead of a Russion whore on TV now.

Above you see the pilot for “Svetlana.” You can jump over to Vimeo to watch the entire first season.  Season two of “Svetlana” airs Thursday and Saturday nights on HD Net.