I said I wasn’t going to make a video of this year’s Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, which wrapped up yesterday.

I sort of lied.

I didn’t want to get anyone’s expectations up. It took me over a month to find the time to finish my videos for Marx Toy Convention and our side-trip to the Marx Toy Musuem, so I didn’t want to commit to getting any video completed anytime soon. Heck, I haven’t even finished writing about my trip to the last official GI Joe Convention in Chattanooga last month, and I didn’t shoot any video there at all.

Basically, with Radio Free Charleston still on hiatus, I’ve lost a bit of my confidence in my ability to shoot, edit and post video at the insane pace to which I became accustomed. I’m enjoying going to things as a civilian without recording everything I see for eventual use here in PopCult.

Having said that, yesterday I turned Mel loose with the video camera and told her to just shoot stuff that looked cool. I took still photos, except for the video of remote control classic Batmobile, which I will tell you more about in this blog later. I didn’t do any stand-ups or intros. I just cut everything to one of YouTube’s handily-provided pieces of stock music, and made a little video record of how much fun we had. Sometime in the next week I’ll post a photo essay with words and links and stuff, but for now, here’s this music video to give you a taste of the Fifth Annual Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo.