Last year in The PopCult Gift Guide I told you about a wide array of gift ideas that came straight from Uranus.  Uranus Missouri, that is. See, down in Uranus, for some reason, the folks found themselves to be the butt of many a joke, and rather than feel sad and wallow in the crack of pity, they decided to pick themselves up. wipe themselves off  and put their money where Uranus is. They got in on the joke, and created a tourist attraction along the historic Route 66, and now you can take the joy of Uranus and spread it among all your friends.

Our video this evening is the latest promotional video extolling the virtues of their world-famous fudge, shipped directly out of the back door of The Uranus Fudge Factory. It’s a cute, short video that tries to see how many times they can say the word “fudge” in just under three minutes.

Eventually we’re going to have to make a PopCult road trip up Uranus way. This video shows off the fudge, but also some of the other souvenir items you can buy, and the mayor of Uranus, who appears to be channeling the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson.