It’s time to revisit a Sunday Evening Video from ten years ago because the links on the original post have been stricken down by evil YouTube Copyright Hounds. Luckily, this concert has been posted again, and so now you can enjoy the holy hell out of it onced again. The text below is from June 29, 2014. Since that time, sadly, David Greenfield and Jet Black have departed this plane of existence. However, the band is still touring the UK with a new line-up. 

One of my favorite bands, The Stranglers, hardly ever tour in America any more. That’s not good because more than thirty-five years in, and over twenty-four years since the exit of their original frontman, Hugh Cornwell, The Stranglers are as vital and creative as ever.

Still anchored by J.J. Burnel’s epic basslines and David Greenfield’s keyboards, the band is producing progressive punk-influenced rock and roll that can blow most of today’s rock bands off the stage. Drummer Jet Black, now 75, still plays at least part of each UK show, but doesn’t travel due to health issues. Baz Warne has been handling guitar duites since 2000, and lead vocals since 2006.

This concert was recorded April 7, at L’Olympia,Paris, and shows the band running through classic songs as well as more recent fare from their more recent albums, “Suite XVI” and “Giants.” It’s some pretty meaty stuff.

SETLIST: Show Intro Toiler On The Sea No More Heroes Was It You ? Threatened Summat Outanowt Peasant In The Big Shitty Peaches La Folie Midnight Summer Dream Golden Brown Always The Sun Thrown Away Never To Look Back Nuclear Device Skin Deep Time To Die Lowlands Nice N Sleazy Walk On By Freedom Is Insane Duchess 5 Minutes Hanging Around Norfolk Coast Something Better Change All Day And All Of The Night Tank