Img_3378Not the Grateful Dead. We’re talking about The Walking Dead, which returns to begin its seventh season tonight on AMC. Last year your PopCulteer and his lovely wife, Melanie Larch, traveled to Senoia Georgia, where they film much of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. Mel directed this brief look at the town and its Official Walking Dead store, The Woodbury Shoppe.

Since the show begins a new season tnight, and we’ll finally find out which regular cast member gets knocked out of the park by new series bad guy, Negan and Lucille (his barbed-wire-wrapped bat) AND since this video is getting close to the 2,000-view mark, we’re going to bring it to you again.

Fans of The AIR might note that it was this clip that inspired Melanie to begin her radio show about travel, On The Road With Mel, which can be heard on The AIR Wednesday and Sunday Afternoons at 1PM, and Mondays at 12:30 PM..