betty pageBurlesque is an art form. It doesn’t get the respect that it deserves because some people just can’t manage to see beyond the stripping-nekkid aspect of it, and miss the finer nuances of acting, story-telling, dance, costuming and performance art. Tonight we’re going to bring you a classic clip of Betty Page (above) so you can see a true legend in action.

Below we’re going to show you one of our own clips from last year, with “Boylesque” dancer, Leo Tuxedo of Wayward BurlyQ, showing how Burlesque can be a form of political commentary. Both of these clips should be safe-ish for work, but maybe you’d better watch them at home, just to be sure.

This is all to get you ready for tomorrow’s RFC MINI SHOW starring, with support from Pepper and Kitty of Wayward BurlyQ. It’s art, I tell you, ART!