19_EdpRather than bring you videos that remind you of a band from yesteryear, this week PopCult presents a whole bunch of videos (slapped together in the above playlist) from a relatively new band, The Struts. With a sound like Freddy Mercury and Brian May of Queen fronting a New Wave band, The Struts mine some underexploited veins of rock history while combining their influences in a fresh, new sound.

Consisting of Luke Spiller – vocals. Adam Slack – guitar, Jed Elliott – bass, and Gethin Davies – drums, The Struts have been a band since Spiller and Slack met in 2009. With one album and two EPs under their belt, the band relocated to Los Angeles from their native England earlier this year, and made their American Television debut in August.

According to Wikipedia, the Struts have been described as “unabashedly over the top retro-fetishist classic rock,” “glamourous and dangerous” and as “having a chance to spark a real rock revival with their hooky glam sound, which manages to pay tribute to the classics, while remaining impeccably modern.” All I know is, its been  long time since I’ve heard a new band on a major label that I’ve enjoyed as much as I do The Struts.  Rock isn’t dead. It’s still strutting strong.