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Technical Difficulties Delay The Photo Essays

Actually, it’s medical difficulties. The original plan was to run a couple of photo essays in PopCult today, showing off the ToyLanta dioramas that we brought you in video form last Sunday, and also my personal haul from the great toy show. However, your PopCulteer is having an adventure with Myasthenia Gravis this week, and the double-vision is not exactly helping me pick up the pace of photo-editing. So I’m going to punt and finish these later in the week, when working on them does not induce a nasty headache.

However, we will have fresh content Wednesday, but it’ll likely be a book review, possibly dictated to Mrs. PopCulteer so I can rest my eyes.

In terms of Myasthenia Gravis problems, slight double vision is pretty minor, and I still consider myself very lucky to have such mild symptoms, but I also have to pace myself and take breaks when needed. You’ll still get to see the cool photos, but you just gotta wait a little bit.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Feel better soon, Rudy!

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