RFC 21: Yellow Submarine Shirt from RFC Archives on Myspace.

rfc21eFrom June, 2007, comes episode 21 of Radio Free Charleston, featuring Under The Radar, The Ghosts Of Now, a short film by Sean Richardson and Alon Kutchinsky, and vintage beer animation. This episodes is called “Yellow Submarine Shirt,” and this is the first time it’s been seen in PopCult since early 2009.

Under The Radar returned with a song written by Charleston’s rock n roll recluse, John Wallace.  “Dog Day Dallas Doo Dah Demons” is a musical ode to JFK conspiracy theories. The Ghosts Of Now made their second appearance on RFC with “Patton’s Blues.”

The production notes for this episode can be found HERE, and they include a mention of the show possibly going weekly, which we did indeed manage to do a few times over the last decade. As you may know, Radio Free Charleston is currently on hiatus as a video program, but you can still tune in to our radio show every Tuesday for an hour of great local music on The AIR.