It’s hard to believe, but this post marks the beginning of the Tenth Annual PopCult Gift Guide.  True to form, we are utilizing a completely different format from any other gift guide we’ve done.  Each gift suggestion will appear in its own post, with at least three of them each day, and they will be posted after 8 PM in the evening.

We will not be dividing our holiday gift suggestions into any specific categories.  You will find holiday gift ideas that include toys, videos, books, music, apparel, accessories, perhaps the occasional edged weapon, and anything else that we think would be a fun and imaginative Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Solstice/Yule/Festivus or Superman’s Birthday present.

We will try to include the following information in each post.  First, what it is.  Two, who it may be a good gift for.  Three, where you can get it. And four, how much it costs.

We hope you enjoy the Gift Guide this year and appreciate the ridiculous amount of slavish effort that your PopCulteer put into compiling this, the bestus in the world gift guide you could possibly imagine.  If you wish to show your appreciation, please feel free to purchase multiple items from this Gift Guide and mail them directly to your PopCulteer in care of the Charleston Gazette-Mail.  Please note that the bit about buying the gifts and sending them to me in care of the newspaper is only a joke and should not actually be done because it may get me fired.

And so, for the tenth year in a row, prepare yourselves and LET THE GIFT GUIDE READING BEGIN!