giftguide-graphic-008Our first video entry in the guide thie year is a terrific home edition of the Craig Ferguson-hosted TV Game Show, Celebrity Name Game, it’s perfect for our 2016 PopCult Gift Guide Picks.

Now you can play the fabulously fun game, just like they do on TV! Celebrity Name Game is a blast: You get the names of celebrities, characters, famous places, etc., and you make up clues to get your team to guess the names! Like, if you had the name Craig Ferguson, you might say, “funny guy, tall, wears some wild suits when he hosts Celebrity Name Game!”

91donfy4akl-_sl1500_Just don’t forget to hurry; it’s a race against the clock to see how many points you can get! The included electronic timer creates some audio fun while you play! It’s a great party game for 4 or more players ages 13 and up. Includes 150 2-Sided Cards, Score Chips, Score Pad, Electronic Timer and Rules.

Watch as Kevin Pauley and Amanda Lilly take on Jeremy Ambler and Penny Maple in a quick demo game recorded at The 2016 Mountain State Pop Expo.

Celebrity Name Game Home Edition is made by Playmonster, available from online retailers and toy, game and department stores nationwide.