This made our last-minute gift guide last year, but we’re bringing it back because it’s so darned cool.

Brenda Pinnell is an accomplished graphic designer who has branched off and become an entrepreneur with her creations, Hepcatz, including the main Hepcat, Mr. Fluffy Butt. Hepcatz promises “Cool Cats, Swell Design,” and I can verify that this is a case of truth in advertising. Her cat cartoons are cute, funny, clever and…well…swell.

Hepcatz brings us clever and hilarious cartoons featuring Brenda’s cast of feline interlopers having their way with the world at large. And you can find them on all kinds of Hepcatz swag.

You can find Hepcatz stuff at Tamarack and at the Hepcatz website, where you can find all of Brenda’s Heptcatz merchandise, including notecards, T-shirts, mugs, holiday cards, artwork and more. You can also buy Hepcatz gear at the River City Arts Sale and Show at UUC on December 2 and 3.