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The 2016 PopCult Gift Guide: Peppy Pups

loose-pp-muttWhat better way to observe National Mutt Day on December 2 than by checking out a cool new hyperactive toy dog? To commemorate the day of the mutt, the PopCult Gift Guide brings you news of a new puppy that may be topping kidss wish list this year.  Young children and parents alike will love the irresistible personality of Peppy Pups, the official plush dog of National Mutt Day, which just happens to be today.

Peppy Pups brings to life the authenticity of puppy friendship, complete with a pup that follows its owner everywhere. The cuddly plush puppy has a spring in its step and when walked by its owner, can run, jump and wag its tail like a real dog.

giftguide-graphic-smallBrimming with personality and with no batteries needed, Peppy Pups have ultra-soft fur, distinct paw pads and springs in their feet that help these eager Peppy Pups move and prance, just like a real dog.  Peppy Pups bounce, jump and waddle as they go for “walks” with their kid owners, and turn heads as they go. Peppy Pups adore cuddling, snuggles and squeezes, showing characteristics of a real dog that all pet lovers embrace.

This is a seriously cute toy, made by TPF Toys, and it’s perfect for young kids who aren’t quite ready for the responsibilities of owning a real pet, or for older kids or adults who simply can’t have a real animal in the house. Recommended for children ages four and up, Peppy Pups come in two colors and can be found where ever toys are sold for under twenty dollars.


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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    If this had been around when I was a kid, my parents probably would’ve gotten it for me to shut me up every time I asked for a puppy… 😉

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