salt-coverOur local entry today is SALT, the latest graphic novel by acclaimed filmmaker and award-winning graphic novelist Daniel Boyd. Caliber Comics released the highly anticipated and riveting eco-horror graphic novel SALT, just last week and you can find it at Lost Legion Cards and Comics in South Charleston, or go to the book signing Thursday, from 6 PM to 7PM at Taylor Books so you can get a personalized, autographed copy for the graphic novel connoisseur on you holiday list. For the lazy among you, the book will soon be available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but if you order it online it won’t be signed by the author, now will it?

SALT is the stand-alone follow up to Boyd’s award-nominated graphic novel CARBON. It’s a tale of greed and exploitation, of an apocalyptic event that brings the Earth to the brink of an unimaginable world-wide environmental disaster, of a power-hungry government in chaos, and of the persistence of hope.

giftguide-graphic-008In a small coal mining community in Southern West Virginia, a coal baron sets off a chain reaction that brings the world to the brink of destruction. What is unleashed are beastly carbon monsters bent on the destruction of everything and everyone. A small band of coal miners set out to make things right with an unlikely natural resource, red salt. They battle monsters, a crazed militia, and a government spinning out of control. We watch the story unfold through the eyes of their Reverend companion and see how hope survives, even throughout an apocalyptic event the likes of which the world has never seen.

Teamed with artist, Preorag Ivanovic, Boyd has delivered another speculative fiction thrill-ride. SALT explores questions of faith, greed, corruption, power, and perseverance. Look for a more detailed review in the coming weeks, but SPOILER ALERT: It’s a great book!