giftguide-graphic-smallThis item is more of a gift for parents than for kids, but kids will be very, very happy if their parents get it, and open it early so that they can put it to good use. In the video below, from the 2016 International Toy Fair in New York City, we get to see a demonstration of Toydriver, a nifty battery operated, low-torque power screwdriver designed specifically for removing screws from stubborn battery compartments on toys.


Now Toydriver is available in stores across the country with a suggested retail price of $10, which is a bargain for such a vital tool. The Toydriver is specially-designed with a longer bit and smaller heads to get at those difficult to reach teeny toy screws. Parents will be overjoyed.

With this item, and extra packs of batteries, you will be well-equipped to be “Santa’s Helper” and power up all the electronic toys that you have coming down your chimney this year. For the rest of the year, this will come in handy for other small electronics that have a screw holding their battery-comparement shut.