It’s so cold that we wish we were blowing hot on The AIR,, but, sadly, internet radio is only room temperature. However Wednesday brings new episodes of Beatles Blast and Curtain Call to help try and keep you warm. You can listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

In the morning, following our regular 7 AM replay of the previous day’s episode of The Swing Shift, we will bring you up to date with Prognosis at 9 AM and Psychedelic Shack at 11 AM.  At noon tune in for Word Association iwth Lee & Rudy, followed by 90 minutes of The AIR Music Mix.  All times listed inthis post are EST, by the way.

At 2 PM it’s a new episode of Beatles Blast that really should have been some kind of tribute on the fiftieth anniversary of the famous “Rooftop Concert,” but since I forgot all about that until this morning, it’s a one-hour mixtape of random Beatles goodness, with two songs each from the band, and two each from each member of the band performing solo, plus some surprise covers.

Just because I forgot to commemorate the Rooftop Concert, that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you that the film that featured it, Let It Be, is finally going to be released in conjunction with a newly-assembled documentary using 55 hours of previously unseen footage from that film, only this time edited by Peter Jackson. Also, you can read about the rooftop concert in a book I wrote about HERE.

Beatles Blast offers up a new episode every Wednesday at 2 PM, with replays Thursdays at 9 PM, Saturday mornings, and Sunday at 5 PM, exclusively on The AIR.

At 3 PM Mel Larch presents a new hour of great musical theater on Curtain Call.  This week Mel opens with a song from the stage version of Mary Poppins, and continues with a mix of tunes from major hit musicals (including, approriate for today, Frozen), obscure flops and a few shows that haven’t even opened on Broadway yet. She even has a couple of songs from musicals based on the works of William Shakespeare. Check out the playlist:

Curtain Call 054

“Step In Time” from Mary Poppins
“Rio” from Welcome To The Club
“What Do You Know About Love” Frozen Broadway (OBC)
“Shy” Once Upon A Mattrress (2005 TV Cast)
“Let’s Believe In The Captain/Final Report/I Will Make Things Happen” from The Lieutenant
“Ex Wives” from Six
“Don’t Leave Me This Way” from The Donkey Show
“Tell Sweet Saroyana” From Oh Brother (1981)
“Who Will Paint My Soul” from Georgia O’Keefe Paints Paradise
“Painting Her Portrait” From Jane Eyre (OBC)
“I Love Play Reharsal” from Be More Chill
“Never Say No” from The Fantastiks (new recording)
“Presentation of The Biggest Spoon” from Emilie Autumn’s Asylum

After the new hour of Curtain Call, stick around for two additional episodes from the Curtain Call archives. Curtain Call can be heard Wednesday at 3 PM, with replays Thursday at 7 AM and 8 PM and Saturday at 6 PM. An all-night marathon of Curtain Call episodes can be heard Wednesday nights, beginning at Midnight.