Those fruits would be some nice, ripe, juicy reruns. Your PopCulteer took Labor Day off, and he’s got doctor appointments today and tomorrow, so there won’t be new shows on The AIR until Thursday.

Once again The AIR will be in reruns for the next couple of days. You can still listen to the wonderfulness of truly independent radio at The AIR website, or on this embedded radio player…

Lucky for you, we have the best reruns in the world, and that includes episode 100 of Radio Free Charleston, which somehow managed to escape inclusion in our recently-concluded three-day RFC marathon. You can hear it at 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesday, September 3, plus in the usual replay timeslots.

I promise that I’ll have a really teriffic new episode of RFC International on Thursday, and Sydney Fileen will return Friday with the second half of her special Big Electric Cat devoted to new music by the legends of the New Wave era.

When I get back from bloodwork and meetings today, I will prep a couple of bonus photo essays from our anniversary trip. And we also have some book, music and toy reviews to bring you. So don’t panic. Your PopCulteer just needed a day off after returning from vacation and plowing into five fourteen-hour days of work.