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Ideas Never Implemented Never Have I Ever

A new game was released today, and the press release cracked us up so much here at PopCult that we decided to just run it as is…

Ideas Never Implemented (INI), LLC today announced the launch of its newest card game Never Have I Ever® – The Game of Poor Life Decisions™. The game, which uncovers the “dirt” on friends, family, and co-workers, can now be purchased for $25.00 MSRP on and in Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Spencer Gifts, and select specialty toy and gift stores across the U.S.

“When I created Never Have I Ever, I envisioned it as a way for people to get to know each other on another level and uncover stories they wouldn’t have otherwise,” said INI CEO & Founder Jay Vohra. “I am eager for the game to spice up parties and help foster new friendships across the country.”

Never Have I Ever takes the traditional party game to the next level by providing hundreds of prompts designed to relive life’s funny, embarrassing, and awkward moments. In addition to inspiring players with unique scenarios to help uncover those hidden stories, the game introduces a competitive element to up the ante, called “the wall of shame.”

Intended for 4 to 12 players from ages 17 and up, Never Have I Ever’s instructions are simple. Each player is dealt 10 Play Cards and a pile of Rule Cards sits on the table. The person starting the game picks a Rule Card from the pile, reads the directions aloud, and all the players do what the Rule Card says. If you are not guilty of the Play Card, you discard it. If you are guilty of the Play Card, you get to keep it. The first person to have 10 Play Cards in front of them wins. The only rule? No judgment.

To get in on the fun, pick up a Never Have I Ever set at your nearest in-store location or download a free printable version at The game’s probing prompts are also available as a free app in the App Store on iTunes, the Google Play store and You can connect with Never Have I Ever on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or on YouTube at the Never Have I Ever Game channel.

That sounds cool, and we know lots of people who have spent their entire lives practicing for this game. Actually it sounds like a fun cross between Scruples and Cards Against Humanity, so it might well be worth checking out.

A PopCult Toybox note: This Saturday we are going to run a detailed review of the 50th Anniversary Johnny West, complete with details on how you can order one for yourself. If all goes according to plan, we’ll also have pictures from a BIG-TIME GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER!