Tin Toy Robots are one of the coolest things on the planet. There’s simply no denying it. The Schylling Toy Company is still producing affordable recreations of the cool toy robots of the 1950s and 60s, and they’ve even come up with some cool new twists on the format, so we’re going to catch up with what they’ve been up to. Many of these robots can be ordered through their website, or locally through Kid Country Toys.

66e39218ce13a39b1063da6bc321c236First up we have a nearly-exact replica of the 1950’s all-time favorite Robby the Robot. This Chrome version of their “Planet Robot” walks with a sparking action behind his red cello face shield. He’s propelled with a wind-up motor, so you don’t have to worry about batteries.

Robby is packaged in a nicely-illustrated fantasy box. The Robot measures 8.5” tall, which makes him the ideal size for folks who are into MEGO figures. This version is a little pricier than the non-chrome version, but that version is painted red, instead of Robby’s usual black color, so this one looks better. Expect to pay around forty bucks.

e38d9096c0350c70cc61fffc14b1152eMr. Atomic is a small reproduction of one of the most sought-after toy robots that there is. About half the size of the original, and with a wind-up drive replacing his battery operations, this Mr. Atomic is the perfect office companion who won’t loom over your desk. Just like the original, with his swinging arms and vintage look, Mr. Atomic moves his feet as he walks forward. He will come to you in a box that replicates the original Mr. Atomic graphics. The robot measures 4” tall. He sells for around sixteen dollars.

t427_509cccaff35ab1d82680d6f0e221eddcA new addition to Schylling’s line is a series of Star Wars wind-up robots, tin representations of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper, C-3P0 and Chewbacca. These wind-up robots stand 7.5″ tall and will set you back about twenty dollars each.

You can see the full line at the top of this post, and a close-up of Boba Fett at right. Schylling also makes some Star Wars themed tin Kaleidoscopes.

It’s cool to see someone keeping the flame with new tin toys. The fact that they don’t cost and arm and a leg is pretty cool, too. You can expect to read more about Schylling Toys in the coming months.