StorefrontAs you may know, if you’ve been reading this blog for more than five minutes, your PopCulteer got married last week in Chicago (details coming soon). This was my first chance to really expore the Windy City and we planned our secret trip so that we’d have a chance to visit some out of the way places while we were in town.

On a whim, the day after our wedding, I Googled “vintage toys” and up popped QUAKE. A store named after the nemesis of my favorite cereal mascot, Quisp, had to be a pretty cool place to check out. So we wrote down the address and after hitting a mall and Hersheyworld, we hopped a cab out to North Lincoln to see what we could find.

We found a small store, maybe one-fourth the size of Where The Toys Are in Canonsburg, PA, but with about five-times the number of toys crammed into what is a very intensely-delightful space. You could spend hours in there and still find something new every time you turned around. Every inch of the place was covered with layers of action figures, toy robots, lunch boxes, fashion dolls, cereal boxes and more.

Unfortunately, we traveled to Chicago via Amtrak, and were limited in what we could bring back with us, so we spent less than twenty bucks on a vintage Snoopy for Mel and some cheap 12″ figures for me. But we plan to go back and I might just see if the owner, David Gutterman, will ship some goodies to me.

Quake does not have a website, but you can reach them at, or call 773-878-4288.

Now, without captions, here are a handful of shots that we thought to take while we were there. Please pardon the blurriness in some. We got sort of shaky at the thought of leaving so much cool stuff behind. Enjoy the mini-photo essay.





Chock full 'o toys

Plethora of pop culture

Popeye vs. Godzilla

SOTW, Buffy, Godzilla and more

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