the-real-player-logoMy old pal, Mark Wolfe, has returned with a new episode of his podcast for the first time in over a year. Mark has interviewed some of Charleston’s most interesting movers and shakers, both in the creative world as well as politics and government, and he brings out some surprising details as he delves into his subjects.

The last year has been a busy one for Mark, and he’s had to put The Real on the backburner, but now he’s back and we’re very happy to see him behind the microphone once more.

You can hear The Real with Mark Wolfe a variety of ways. You can listen at The Real’s main website. You can subscribe to it on iTunes.

real-guests-blacklightYou can also tune in Friday mornings at 10 AM, when we broadcast The Real with Mark Wolfe on The AIR. You can visit the AIR website to tune in, or come back to this post and listen on the cool little embedded player right here…

We will debut new episodes on The AIR every Friday at 10 AM, with replays Sunday at 6 PM and Thursday at 11 PM.

On this week’s episode, Mark talks with CT Minimah & Rico Moore with the Blacklight Initiative talk about issues facing the African American community. It’s guaranteed to be an intriguing discussion of a series of very serious matters. You can tune in Friday at 10 AM on The AIR, or go check it out now at The Real’s website.

It’s great to have Mark back in the interviewing saddle, and we’re thrilled to have new episodes of The Real with Mark Wolfe on The AIR.