Dating back to August, 2011, and positioned strategically at the head of this post, you should see this week’s vintage episode of Radio Free Charleston. Our 142nd installment was called “It’s Just A Flesh Wound Shirt.” Our music this week was by InFormation, The Renfields, and the Charleston Light Opera Guild cast of “Hairspray”. In addition, this episode features a quick look at Dan Kehde’s then-new play “Cupid Falling/Cupid Rising,” a short film by K.D. Lett, and animation by Frank Panucci.

This was our first episode back after taking off most of July. We’d produced a 70-minute anniversary show, right on the heels of cranking out eight episodes of FestivAll coverage in two weeks, and needed a break. We came back strong, with a show that combined great live music, and our friends The Renfields making their RFC debut, with a healthy dose of theatre, film and animation in the mix. Anfter busting our asses the the prior shows, it was a relief to get back to a “normal” episode.