This week we go back to November, 2011, for Radio Free Charleston 147, “Mighty Avengers Shirt.” This installment of our webshow featured music by Miniature Giant, Dual Core, Volt 9000 and Disturbing The Peace. We also have animation from Frank Panucci and other weirdness.

Host segments were shot at a random parking lot in Kanawha City along MacCorkle Avenue. The reason for this is lost to history.

First up in this show we had Miniature Giant, with the song “Piss and Vinegar.”  Then we went to a “Lax” meditation toon by Frank Panucci. Dual Core, the nerdcore rapper, performed “My Girlfriend’s a Hacker,” recorded at Hackercon 3.

Killink checked in from Istanbul. We then presented the music video for Volt 9000’s song “Trancers,” animated by Frank Panucci. On the way out we presented a performance from a show at The LaBelle Theater. It’s a cover of the Drowning Pool Song “Bodies” by Disturbing The Peace, joined by Bret Wood from Born of Conviction. You’ll also see Hugh Deskins from Remains Unnamed chiming in on vocals.

That was a pretty jam-packed episode of the show, when you look back at it. We had punk rock, rap, electronica, metal and lots of weird crap. And I didn’t even mention the Teaberry gum.