This week we take you to March, 2012, where after more than two month’s off, we got back into the thick of things with Radio Free Charleston 151, “The Tom McGees Shirt.” It was our first all-new episode of 2012.

In this show, you will find music by Buddy Black, Johnny Compton with Prank Monkey and Karma To Burn We also get a preview of Danny Boyd’s graphic novel project, “Carbon.” Host segments were shot on a beautiful, windless, Sunday morning at Haddad Riverfront park.

Our first musical guest was Canadian punk rocker Buddy Black. Black was such a huge fan of the Danny Boyd‘s classic West Virginia Horror movie, Chillers, that he recorded a tribute EP devoted to film. He came to Charleston to film two music videos from the EP, and we were proud to bring you one in this episode. “Xipe,” directed by Curtis Baskerville, and filmed in Dunbar and Institute is a beautifully-crafted, catchy punk rock gem.

After a couple of plugs for then-happening events, this episode brings you an animated (sort of) video of an instrumental tune by Johnny Compton and Prank Monkey that featured digitally-assaulted graphics so that the video looks like an oil painting come to life.  The tune is one that Johnny Compton plays to salute fallen friends and loved ones. This week we featured Johnny with Jamie Skeen and Mike Vandergriff performing “Until We Meet Again.”

This show closes with two numbers (literally) by the legendary Karma To Burn. Recorded the previous fall at Mission Coalition, you get to hear “19” and “36.”  These was an incredible night and it’s cool to see that I used more footage from that show than I recalled.

You can read the full production notes for this episode HERE.