Above you see one of the episodes of Radio Free Charleston, the video show, of which I am most proud.

In April, 2015, a local jazz group, 4tet, added several members and took on a rather ambitious project. They learned the entire classic Miles Davis album, Bitches Brew, and performed it live at a few different venues.

The musicians involved were Thom Walker – bass; Jeffrey Thomasson – guitar; Nate Bohach – vibraphone; Dave Roberts – drums; Tyler Stewart – drums and percussion; Tim Smith – keyboards; Chris Mickel – saxophones; Chris Clark – saxophones and bass clarinet; Gabe Muncey – trumpet. It was an amazing line-up of musicians tackling a very difficult piece of music, and they nailed it.

This is a major departure episode for RFC. Usually I brought viewers three or four different bands, almost always rock or alternative and I rarely do interviews. For this show we focus on one group, sit in on a rehearsal and intersperse that with interviews to give viewers a better idea just how ambitious this undertaking was.  Considering that this episode was shot on a Sunday afternoon/evening, and was finished and online by the next Tuesday, I think I have reason to consider it one of my more impressive Radio Free Charleston programs.

You can read the full production notes HERE.