This week we go back six years to the most recent Halloween episode of Radio Free Charleston. This is a nice coincidence, because for the next two weeks we are going to suspend our normal chronological journey through the past of RFC to bring you some of our Halloween specials.

“Count Rudolf” is your host for Blood Red Shirt which is chock-full-o good Halloween-y stuff. We had music from Hurl Brickbat, The Renfields with Ari Lehman and HARRAH, plus we a plugged Kanawha Player’s production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and showed footage from the prior weekend’s Zombie Walk. We even had a batch of “weird stuff” that revisited the Pentagram Flowerbox cartoon from our first Halloween special.

Next week week and the week after, we will present all of the Radio Free Charleston Halloween episodes, and we’ll probably devote one or two of our Sunday Evening Video slots to other spooky-holiday-appropriate videos that we’ve made over the years.