RFC 99 "Porkchop shirt" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

This week we go back ten years ago for the episode of Radio Free Charleston before our big 100th show.  Due to an encoding glitch, this video has been missing from PopCult for quite a long time.

Our 99th show was called “Porkchop Shirt,” in honor of Eamon Hardiman’s horror epic, which has sent gone on to become a cult classic, sold at Walmart and streamed on dozens of different online and Roku channels…sometimes even legally. We produced what was then an extra-long show, with music from Highway Jones, OVADA and HARRAH, plus a visit from IWA East Coast Heavyweight Champion contender, Chris Hero, a short film by Murfmeef and some really cute, but disgusting animation.

This was the first show where we used the Kodak Zi8 video camer, which was then-new, and is today obsolete, but it’s still our weapon of choice as we now have five and a half of them. (Don’t loan your cameras out to other people, kids)

It was also the first appearance of HARRAH as a band, although Lee Harrah had been part of the show since episode 19.

The promo for Chris Hero was shot for us by Bo Vance, and is notable because Chris spent years at WWE’s NXT brand (until just recently, in fact) as “Kassius Ohno,” and in this clip he challenges Roderick Strong, who is still a star in NXT, and name-checks other wrestlers he’d faced, like Billy Gunn, Jerry Lynn and current AEW champ, Jon Moxley.

All  in all, it’s a pretty solid show, loaded with great music and plenty of weird extras to help you pass the time. Original production notes are HERE.