The RFC Flashback is back after The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide, and we’re doing it up all classy with an episode of The RFC MINI SHOW from October, 2014 starring The Velvet Brothers!

The legendary Velvet Brothers, had just reunited in September, 2014 when we recorded them at Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way in Charleston.  In this edition of The RFC MINI SHOW you can hear them perform “Savannah Rose” and “De Do Do Do, De Dah Dah Dah.”Yes, that latter song is a cover of the old Police tune, rendered in a velvety-smooth lounge version.

The Velvet Brothers were the first full band that I featured performing live on the Radio Free Charleston radio show way back in 1989. We’d had some acoustic performances on the show, but never a full band. The studio wasn’t big enough to hold the entire band, so we ran cables all over the building with the drummer in the hallway, the bass player in the production studio, and the keyboard player in the newsroom. With the guitarist and vocalist in the FM studio with me, the band managed to create a magic moment, even though it was three in the morning and they’d just played a full set at The Charleston Playhouse earlier in the evening.

The Velvet Brothers are still rehearsing together, even though nobody is really playing out much in these pandemic times. Bruno’s is gone, and I believe The Charleston Lounge is, or will soon, occupy that building. For now, you can enjoy this vintage footage of the band on their triumphant return.