This week we’re going back to February, 2014, for an episode of The RFC MINI SHOW featuring music that was recorded the previous November. This MINI SHOW brought you two songs from our old friends, Frenchy and The Punk.

This will be the last RFC Flashback for a couple of weeks, as we take time off for the 2019 PopCult Gift Guide, but we wanted to make it to this episode so we could remind everyone that Frenchy and The Punk have plenty of new music since the last time they graced the Radio Free Charleston video show with their presence, and it would make for a terrific gift or three for the lover of great, original, independent music on your holiday shopping list. Visit their online store, and buy up everything in sight. People will love you for it.

In this episode, we go back to a November 2013 session at The Empty Glass to revisit two songs that Frenchy and The Punk performed previously on Radio Free Charleston, only with new performances, “Birthday Fanfare” and “Yes, I’m French.”