Image2This week’s RFC MINI SHOW features a couple of solo cover songs by Christopher Carter, who will be appearing on Radio Free Charleston in the future, performing original tunes with his band, Leech.

We recorded Christopher just last week at the Arteries Art Show, at Mike Winland Studios. We were there for the art show, and were so impressed with Christopher that we pointed the camera at him, and shot an impromptu host segment too. Since we just had one camera to point at Chris, in editing we dropped in shots from the art show, which included work by Chris Woodall, Mike and Rose Winland, Tim Shinn, Lee Harrah, Kelly Bryant, Christopher’s father, Johnny Carter (he of the impressive garden) and many others.

Because we shot the host segment on the fly, some of my words came out in a less-than communicative fashion. When I say that the show came together on the spur of the moment, I’m talking about this episode of The RFC MINI SHOW. Arteries was a success because of the hard work put in by Mike and Rose Winland and Penny Maple in the weeks leading up to the exhibit. I didn’t want to give the impression that the art show was just thrown together. I didn’t realize how clumsily I’d worded the intro until I was editing the show.

Arteries was a horror-themed art show designed to promote ShockaCon (coming in just a few short weeks) and it was a huge success, with lots and lots of folks in attendance. You’ll be reading a lot about ShockaCon in the coming weeks in PopCult. Also of note is that this show is the first episode of Radio Free Charleston or The RFC MINI SHOW where all of the camera work is by our own Melanie Larch.