FUK YOU PSPSydney Fileen hits a macabre milestone this week as Sydney’s Big Electric Cat marks thirteen episodes and devotes two hours to New Wave Music by “People Who Died,” beginning with The Jim Carroll Band.

You can hear Sydney’s Big Electric Cat at 3 PM on The AIR at the website on on this scary little embedded player…

Jim Carroll, the author of “The Basketball Diaries” did indeed front a New Wave band that had one hit with “People Who Died” in 1979.  Since Mr. Carroll has since joined those ranks, BEC host, Sydney Fileen, decided to make deceased New Wavers the theme for her 13th show. Other notable departed musicians you will hear include Joe Strummer, The Ramones, Wendy O. Williams of The Plasmatics, Ian Dury, Lemmy of Motorhead, Ian Curtis of Joy Division and a whole hearseload of other late greats.

Sure, it’s a dark topic, but Halloween is coming up, so why not roll with it?

The playlist:

Jim Carroll Band  “People Who Died”
The Clash  “London Calling” (Joe Strummer)
The Cars  “Just What I Needed” (Benjamin Orr)
The Ramones  “Beat On The Brat” (Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Marky)
The Plasmatics  “Butcher Baby” (Wendy O. Williams)
Ian Dury and The Blockheads  “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”
Motorhead  “White Line Fever” (Lemmy)
The Divinyls  “I Touch Myself” (Christine Amphlett)
INXS  “Suicide Blonde” (Michael Hutchence)
Suicide  “Ghost Rider” (Alan Vega)
The Cramps  “Human Fly” (Lux Interior)
Klaus Nomi  “You Don’t Own Me”
Mink Deville “Spanish Stroll” (Willy Deville)
Dead Boys  “Sonic Reducer” (Stiv Bators)
Joy Division  “New Dawn Fades” (Ian Curtis)
Baltimora  “Tarzan Boy” (Jimmy McShane)
David Bowie  “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)”
X Ray Spex  “Oh bondage, Up Yours” (Poly Styrene)
B 52s  “Rock Lobster” (Ricky Wilson)
Pretenders  “Space Invader” (James Honeyman-Scott, Pete Farndon)
Kirsty MacColl  “They Don’t Know”
Divine  “Kick Your Butt”
Robert Palmer  “Looking For Clues”
The Slits  “Typical Girls” (Ari Up)
Falco “Rock Me Amadeus”
Visage  “Fade To Grey” (Steve Strange)
Big Country “In A Big Country” (Stuart Adamson)
The Knack  “Good Girls Don’t”(Doug Feiger, Bruce Gary)

Sydney’s Big Electric Cat replays throughout the week, with a prime-time airing next Tuesday at 8 PM.

The remainder of The AIR’s NEW schedule Friday goes like this:

5 PM  The Swing Shift
6 PM  Curtain Call
7 PM  The Mystery Hour
8 PM The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
9 PM  Laugh Appalachia
9:30 PM  Word Association with Lee & Rudy
10 PM  Radio Free Charleston International
Midnight  All-night Comedy