pc-3-31-01The PopCulteer
March 31
, 2017

So after spending almost a week down Atlanta way (traveling many times over the section of Interstate 85 that just collapsed, as seen at the right), and then taking two weeks to edit video from ToyLanta (which was the reason your PopCulteer was down there in the first lace), most of this week was spent catching up on all the non-PopCult work that I normally do.

You may have noticed that PopCult was not updated at the insane pace which I had been keeping for the last month or so. Yet we still delivered at least one post per day.

Now that order has been restored to the universe, I can turn my attention back to ToyLanta because I still have tons of photos that you haven’t seen yet. I also have four or five videos still in the pipeline. It was nice to discover that I can still pull off the rapid-fire video work like I used to. I posted more video last week than I had in the previous fourteen months. But this week I needed a break. The plan is to bring you a ToyLanta photo essay every day next week, beginning Monday.

17629846_10154691390433019_7425593163873508656_nTonight, the Radio Free Charleston cameras are charged and ready for what may be my first taping session for RFC in over a year. The RFC crew (that’s me and Mrs. PopCulteer, Mel Larch) will be at the Cantina in Kanawha City at 8 PM tonight to see the return and resurgence of the mighty and powerful Velvet Brothers!

I’ve never set foot in the place before so I have no idea if we’ll get any usable footage, but we’ll have the cameras on hand in case the opportunity arises, and if it doesn’t, we’ll still be there to experience the velvet magic and music of the sages of Lounge.

Tomorrow, Nitro is the place to be at 5 PM as Third Floor Antiques has a huge sale on toys and comics. Everything will be 20% off regular prices, and that discount swells to 30% if you spend more than a hundred dollars.

It would be cool to see you at both places I mentioned above (and in this post). If your PopCulteer can hold up, we may even make it to the Monkey Barrel for the Wedding Reception of Mr. Johnny Compton and Linda Art, who tie the knot on April Fool’s Day.

Another cool thing to prepare yourself for next week is a refreshening of the schedule over at The AIR. We’ll be moving some shows around, introducing new programs and starting new seasons of our returning shows. You’ll want to stock up on snacks so you can sit in front of your computer listening all day.

Right now, let’s look at some more cool random images from ToyLanta…


JoeLanta CosPlayers, who somehow didn’t make it into any videos yet.


An alternate shot of the JoeLanta Cave Explorer and Bryan Tatum’s Skul Cave. You saw a different angle all painted up in Monday Morning Art.


A photo taken at the Cody Lane Toy & Diorma Museum temporary exhibit at the Historic Train Depot at Stone Mountain. Packed to the brim with vintage toy goodness.


Very early on in the construction of Mike Gardner’s Avengers diorama. Look for an entire photo essay devoted to this next week.


The E.J. White Lobby Swap exclusive Space Adventurer. It’s 47 different types of cool!


E.J. White, himself, setting up early during the Lobby Swap.


A very cool custom figure, a 1940s Bulletman, which warmed the heart of this dual member of DOB and FCA.


A close up of some of the cool stuff on James Wozniak’s table during his panel on Classic Recasts and Mexican Marx reproductions.


You know I’m not going to pass up a chance to pose with the real Batmobile. Accept no imitations. (technically this is a replica, but you know what I mean)


Clay Sayre, Anthony Taylor an Carlos Morrison, hiding behind a mountain of monster toys.


Cathy Jones’ stunning Steampunk Bathosphere. Look for a photo essay or two next week devoted to the custom figures and vehicles.


Another gem from the custom figure contest. Jack Hall created 1/6 scale versions of Big Jim’s P.A.C.K., which was originally produced in a smaller scale.


The Dealer Rooms were packed. Look for our raw video compilation in a week or so.


Just one of almost 200 dealers. I think this is the place where we picked up Mrs. PopCulteer’s pink DOMO.

That is this week’s PopCulteer. All next week, in addition to our regular features, look for a daily ToyLanta photo essay. Have a great new month, and get out and do some stuff this weekend.