Following a recommendatiom in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide, the kind folks at Zuru Toys sent along a couple of samples of new Rainbocorns, an elaborate blind-blox plush toy.

As a result, your PopCulteer and his wife, Mel Larch, decided to do an impromptu, unrehearsed unboxing video.

We’re new at this unboxing stuff so please excuse the bad lighting and jerky camera moves. Hopefully, in the new year, we’ll be able to ramp up the quality when we do unboxing videos.

These Rainbocorns are tremendous fun, and we want to thank Zuru Toys for sending them along.  You can find these surprising critters at Amazon, Target, Walmart and other retailers. Read about Rainbocorns in our gift guide entry.

Think of this as our pre-Christmas bonus gift for you.

Except that we get to keep the toys.