TWD001The PopCulteer
March 14, 2014

As observant readers of this blog may know, your PopCulteer is on the road at the moment, as a gueat of JoeLanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention. I am trying to bring you some updates from the road, using a Frankensteined laptop and our lovely hotel’s WiFi connection.

Thursday was spent on an incredible tour that took us to three cool places.Today I will attempt to bring you three short photo essays of our journey, led by the steady hand of Fred, the Jedimaster bus driver. We also shot some video, but you’ll have to wait until next week for it.

Our first stop was in Senoia, Georgia, a nice small town that has been used as a location for many movies and TV Shows. Most notably, it has been seen standing in as “Woodbury,” the barricaded Walker-free fort/city ruled by The Governor, in The Walking Dead.

twd 011

The Gift Shop. They let us go downstairs to see the museum in progress. It open officially March 29, after they get Daryl’s motorcycle in.


Pulling into the main street. You can see the water tower

TWD 002

Fed Ex even delivers to Woodbury!

TWD 003

Inside the gift shop

twd 004

twd 005

Down the stairs to the museum, which is still under construction

twd 006

The cells are about all that’s left from the Prison

twd 007

From the first episode

twd 008

Must resist Otis the drunk jokes…

twd 009

The actual chamber where the Governor kept Penny, his daughter, after she was zombi-mafied

Melanie in a cell with her "Book of Mormon" frog

Melanie in a cell with her “Book of Mormon” frog