The PopCulteer
April 22, 2011

Another month has flown by, and it’s time for one of our patented PopCult ArtWalk Photo Essays! Commentary will be kept to a minimum so that I can get this finished and still sneak in a couple of hours of sleep.

The big news for April was the grand opening of the Purple Moon offshoot, Modern By Design, a way-cool new furniture/accessory store that offers reproductions of classic Atomic Age furniture designs as well as artwork and wall decor. Check out that cool corner at the photo on the right.

With such cool items as Arbe Jacobson’s famous Egg Chair and artwork by Leo Posillico and William Goebel, Modern By Design promises to add a new dimension to interior design in Charleston.  We love what they’re showing, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Just in time for Easter...The Egg Chair!

Glass table with Ghost Chairs

A cool silver tea service

Art Emporium

New exhibits by Sherry Z. Powell and Mark Tobin Moore highlighted a striking ArtWalk from Art Emporium.

Part of "My Lucid Dreams: In Retrospect" by Sherry Z. Powell

A healthy crowd checks out Mark Tobin Moore's collage work

More work by Sherry Z. Powell

by Mark Tobin Moore

Hello Frida

Frida Kahlo was on hand during ArtWalk to promote, the new interactive Arts Calendar!

K.D.Lett Photography/White Oak Photography

Last month we brought you photos of this new entry into ArtWalk, and messed up by atttributing the entire studio to K.D. Lett.  Actually this is a shared space featuring K.D. and Michelle Krompecher of White Oak Photography. Located at 107 Hale Street, this is one of the coolest photography showcases in town.

Chemical Valley Rollergirls, by K.D. Lett

The Purple Moon

With the main focus on The Purple Moon’s offshoot, Modern By Design, there was still plenty of cool stuff at the Moon.

Tofujitsu, the Purple Moon's ArtWalk house band

Phot by Chuck Hamsher

Glass Art by Sharon Lyn Stackpoole

Stray Dog Antiques

A shelf full of antique cameras greets visitors at Stray Dog Antiques

Stray Dog's new vintage clothing loft

Face To Face

Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery played host to four artists who were offering up portraits on the spot. Dave Litz, Amy Van Gogh, Chris Dutch and Mark “Innerviews” Wolfe were on hand for a fun evening of interactive art.

Dave Litz at work

Chris Dutch, hard at work

Mark Wolfe, shooting a baby

Any Van Gogh getting kissed by Charly hamilton

Mark Wolfe, preparing to take one of his high-contrast photos.

Mark has this little machine. He flips a switch, and the whole room goes high-contrast black and white. Then he takes his picture in his trademark fashion. It's pretty freaky being in the room when this happens.

Romano Associates

There was some great new work at Romano Associates from Tiffany Aliff, Michael Anthony Smith and Ellen Fure.  Proceeds from the sale were going to help Tiffany and her family rebuild after devastating storm damage hit their home in North Carolina.

Prints by Tiffany Aliff

"Wagons Gone Wild" by Michael Anthony Smith

Work by Ellen Fure

Taylor Books Annex Gallery

Taylor’s is presenting the impressive “Egg, Flower, Soup.”  This is an amalgam of works by Amanda Jane Miller and Staci Marie Leech-Cornell. There’s some terrific work here.

Frida was showing up everywhere during ArtWalk

We can see from the clocks on the wall that it's time to wrap up this month's ArtWalk. Keep reading PopCult for all our regular features and Radio Free Charleston!