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West Virginia Day Post Two: The Coming Of 304 Blogs

Oncee told me about it on Symphony Sunday, but I wanted to wait to tell you guys about 304 Blogs on West Virginia Day.  It’s a one-stop-shopping site for all the top blogs in our loverly Mountain State. And in a stroke of sheer dumb luck, it’s sort of topical that I write about it today because West Virgina’s bloggers got some nice press attention this week (it would’ve been nice if some of us Gazzbloggers had been invited, especially those of us who have written about the way our state is perceived in the media, but at least some of us bloggers are getting some press). The fact that West Virginia has a vibrant, vital blogging community is a big step towards proving some of the more hackneyed stereotypes wrong.

So you need to bookmark 304 Blogs right now.  That way you can keep up with the “A Better West Virginia” project which has rallied bloggers from around the state to use our blogs to combat the negative stereotypes that surround West Virginia.   One of my favorite entries thus far is Rebecca Burch’s post on how West Virginia is a hotbed for Avant-Garde artists.  In the spirit of Rebecca’s post, here’s my video recap of the recent “Pandora’s Toy Box” Exhibit, put on by MarshHouseArt, just to prove that yes, West Virginia can exude surreal coolness as good as any place.

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  1. Bill Gardner


    Thanks for the shout-out and kind words.


  2. Mountain Woman Phd

    What a wonderful resource for our state. Thanks for posting this.

  3. rebecca

    Hey, Rudy! Thanks for the linkage, and compliment about my article! I hate that I didn’t make it to your show — I’ve been running 9 ways to Sunday with family stuff lately and haven’t made it to anything in a while. I’m even missing FestivALL! I’m going through Art withdrawal. Gah! But thanks for the video recap! This was an awesome exhibit!!!

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