I’ve been telling you about comic books written by Anthony Stokes for almost two years now, and he has a new Kickstarter campaign that ends in just one week.  This is a special one because it’s a spin-off of the first project of his that I discovered, which was a mini-series called Decay.

Decay is quality storytelling, with a fresh take on horror that is so compelling that the idea of new chapters of the story are a huge treat for me. Decay is a supernatural revenge tale about a young man who is gunned down by drug dealers, but then revived by his grieving sister…who happens to be a Voodoo priestess.  As I’ve said before in this blog, Stokes is a very gifted storyteller and in Decay he’s woven familar elements into something really new and exciting.

After the five issues of Decay, Stokes is going back for more in the Decay universe. His new series, Prescription Paradise, comes at this situation from a different angle.

This time around, a small-time drug dealer gets set up with a bad batch of drugs. He overdoses and then gets brought back to life to life by his cousin using a voodoo ritual. Once revived he works his way up the supply chain to get revenge on the supplier who set him up.

This is a different take on the original story, which featured a young victim who was more of an innocent bystander. In Prescription Paradise our undead protaganist knows who his target for revenge is, and how best to exact it.

From the Kickstarter page

Prescription Paradise #1 is a 52-page square bound graphic novel that is a gritty anti-drug crime story. I concieved the idea as a response to the opioid epidemic and I hope it provides some much needed catharsis to those who have been affected by it. It features beautiful illustrations by Marco Perguini and letters by Es Kay.

This campaign ends in a week, and it’s already two-thirds funded. In addition to digital and print versions of Prescription Paradise, you can add digital or physical copies of any of Anthony’s previous works, including Decay, which is available as individual issues or a trade paperback (which includes a bonus short story).  The time to click through to the Kickstarter is now, because time is running out.

Anthony always delivers, not only in terms of quality, but also very promptly with his rewards. I’m sure that Prescription Paradise will be no exception in either regard.