In case you haven’t noticed yet, it’s really hot outside. It’s positively tropical…in a humid hellscape way, not in an island paradise way.

I’m not going off on an “I told you so” rant about climate change here. I’m just reminding you that we are still in the midst of a particularly hideous heatwave. I have a chronic illness which is excacerbated by high temperatures, so don’t expect to see me at any event that happens outside. I implore everyone to stay hydrated and stay safe because there is still a lot of  STUFF TO DO this week.

Again, remember, if you are attending an outdoor event, stay hydrated and please don’t smoke or vape around any humans who might find the associated stank to be offensive.  Let me tell you about plenty of STUFF TO DO in Charleston and all over the Mountain State and beyond as we struggle to survive this summer.

As I have been copying and pasting of late, this a good time to remind you that THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF EVENTS.  It’s just a starting point, so don’t expect anything comprehensive, and if you feel strongly about me leaving anything out, feel free to mention it in the comments. I won’t be offended if you volunteer to do the work I was too lazy to finish.

It’s CharCon time as West Virginia’s longest-running Gaming Convention is coming to back to the Clay Center this weekend. There are games of many types available to enjoy so you can get your gaming fix, visit the vendors, check out the guest artists, participate in the cosplay, or just walk around and gawk.

I have to be honest, despite a lifetime of being immersed in what some folks call “geek culture,” I never really got into gaming. But if that’s your scene, you need to go here. Details are at their Facebook Event page.

This weekend in Barboursville, it’s the fourth annual BillyCon at Billy Bob’s Wonderland/Pizza/Fun City Arcade and Prarie Emporium.  Fans of Showbiz Pizza, Billy Bob’s, and The Rock Afire Explosion Band can indulge in 3 days of fun and food. This year will feature new merchandise at The New Billy Bob’s Wonderland. Details are HERE.

Live Music is on tap at Taylor Books. There is no cover charge, and shows start at 7:30 PM.  Friday it’s Khegan McClane. Saturday Minor Swing takes the stage at the beloved bookstore/cafe/art gallery.

The World Famous Empty Glass Cafe has some great stuff this week  to tell you about.  Thursday at 5:30 PM Swingstein and Robin return with music for a cause.  Friday Tim Courts and friends will fill the Happy Hour with music starting at 5:30 PM. Friday night at 9:30 PM Join The Vans, Ethan, Charlie, & Alondra, for a night of your favorite golden era jams. Check the graphics below for Saturday’s show. Sunday at 10 PM Christopher Carter of Hurl Brickbat treats you to an acoustic show.

You PopCulteer will be in Wheeling for a special MEGO event at Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. Tickets to the Friends of ‘Berto Memorial Meeting can be found HERE.

Please remember that the pandemic is still not entirely over yet. It’s a going concern with the ‘rona still lurking about. And now there are nasty seasonal allergies, Booty short-wearing Mothmen, exploding water mains, skillful media manipulators and other damned good reasons to be careful. Many people who have very good reasons are still wearing masks, and many of us, understandably, are still nervous about being in crowds, masked or not. Be kind and understanding  while you’re out.

Keep in mind that all shows are subject to change or be cancelled at the last minute.

Here we go, roughly in order…