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Monday Morning Art: Sign O’ The Tines


It’s a geometric design, an exercise in color composition, textures and shape. Really just an abstract doodle. But I came up with a good pun for the title so I had to use it. Enjoy, and click to see it larger.

Check back late Monday Night for Radio Free Charleston 168, “Zelda by Megan Lara Shirt,” which is part three of our coverage of Tribute To The Troops II, with music from Point of Jerus, In the Company of Wolves, Deck of Fools and HarraH.

Seven Things That Make Up PopCult

The PopCulteer
September 7, 2012  

Okay, if you read last week’s PopCulteer you know that your PopCulteer has been writing this blog for seven years. So what exactly is it about? There’s no easy answer. I sort of have free reign to write about whatever I want as long as it’s related somehow to Pop Culture, and since that covers just about every aspect of modern life, I get to run a little wild here.

But in order to try and explain our existence, I have come up with seven things that help make up PopCult. They are Art, Music, Comics, Theater, Wrestling, Toys and animation. This week we’re going to revisit some examples of each of these and how they frequently intersect.

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More From Tribute To The Troops II on RFC 167

Up above is the second of three episodes of Radio Free Charleston devoted to Tribute To The Troops II. On August 11, Wood Boys Music took over the Saint Albans City Park Amphitheater for an all-day all-ages benefit show for our troops. Over eleven hundred dollars was raised for The Wounded Warrior Project and The National Guard Fund, and our cameras were on hand for the first half of the concert.Last week you heard Harrah, In The Company of Wolves, and Everpulse. The show kicked off with Cadence Weaver singing the National Anthem. You can see that show here:.

This week you will hear music from Breedlove, The Under Social, Remains UnNamed and Johnny Compton.

Before the music starts, we bring you a short film that shows you the work of one of the beneficiaries of Tribute To The Troops II, The Wounded Warrior Project. This is a great cause that helps our wounded and maimed soldiers segueway back into society after their service. If you would like to donate to this cause, visit their website for more details. Continue reading

Monday Morning Art: Artsy Cheesecake

This week’s special Labor Day dose of art is a digital painting that applies Impressionistic technique to a classic cheesecake pin-up pose. You can click it to see it larger.

Be sure to check PopCult later tonight for part two of our coverage of Tribute To The Troops II. This middle segment of our trilogy features Remains UnNamed, The Under Social, Breedlove and Johnny Compton. Expect it late Monday night.

Sunday Evening Videos: The Aquabats!

On Labor Day, at Noon, on The Hub, It’s a “Bats-to school” marathon of The Aquabats Super Show, also known as the greatest show in the history of television. I honor of that, we’re bringing you a couple of their videos. Above you see “Fashion Zombies.”  Below you will find their first video, “Super Rad,” directed by BobCat Goldthwait.

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