Betty Page Flyer blank 006The PopCulteer
September 6, 2013

This week your PopCulteer had a lot on his plate. There were other assignments, video to edit and last night a terrific evening of stand up comedy at Mojo’s in South Charleston.

So today we sort of came up dry. I was going to write about my pick for the worst movie ever made, but when I tried to go back and watch it, it was just too depressing. I may work up the nerve to view it again later, but trust me, it’s bad. It’s not “so bad that it’s good” bad. It’s “I genuinely feel sad for everyone involved on mulitple levels and regret seeing this” bad.

Today, instead of that, we are going to look at 27 random images pulled from the “Art” folder on my hard drive. Most of these are rejected candidates, or alternate versions of pieces that were created for Monday Morning Art, but there’s plenty of other stuff in there too, so it’s not all crap that I came up with. Our lead image, up and over on the right somewhere, is a digital painting I did based on a tiny, messed-up jpg of a vintage girly magazine cover with Bettie Page. That’ll probably turn up again as a band flyer sometime. Enjoy, if possible.

Bastard 0012

An alternate version of Monday Morning Art from April 2013.

Wayward Girls Radiohead 001_001789

Wayward Girl and your PopCulteer’s imaginary daughter, Kitty Killton, in a frame-grab from the Radiohead video in RFC 179

14 (1)

A rare Joe Kubert drawing of The Hulk


Gore comics from Myron Fass. You can read more about them here.


Salma Hayek in a bikini


A digital reconstruction of a Golden Age comic book cover, with the colors changed

CMA 04

And again, with more subtle changes


The art in this mid-1970s issue of Wonder Woman is credited to Dick Giordano, but several pages are quite obviously ghost-pencilled by his studio mate, Neal Adams.


CONFIRMED: Your PopCulteer will be attending JoeLanta next March in Atlanta, Georgia.

sfears 37a

Unused Monday Morning Art

streetworks 184

Unused Monday Morning Art

shapes 2 082

Unused Monday Morning Art

penny 3 012

Unused Monday Morning Art Portrait of Penny Maple

NF 71

This image speaks for itself


Unused Monday Morning Art

new shape 06

Unused Monday Morning Art

iwa art 03

Digital painting of Zac Vincent delivering a kick during an IWA EC show. Zac is currently preparing for brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. You can show your support here.

horse 02

Digital painting over a photograph I took in 2005 in Davis Park.

Clouds 015

Americanprocessed cloud photo

Captain Marvel Adventures 12

If anyone wants to buy me this, I won’t object

bullseye 073

Even more unused Monday Morning Art

bullseye 056

Even more unused Monday Morning Art

barin 6 015

Unused digital painting of Narin The Mermaid from Dr. Sketchy’s July 2012

april orb 001

Even more unused Monday Morning Art


Bettie Page’s high school photo


One of my Facebook friends posted this…probably J.B. Lee.

An illustration my buddy Mitch O'Connell did for The Wall Street Journal last week. Check out his cool blog here.

An illustration my buddy Mitch O’Connell did for The Wall Street Journal last week. Check out his cool blog here.


Stuff To Do


Free music tonight includes Hominy Falls (Bluegrass) at Taylor Books at 7:30 PM and Duggan Carter (Jazz) at Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way at 9 PM. John Richard’s Three Peace Band is an Alternative Three Piece Jam band from the Hills of WV. This is their first time through Charleston and as an introduction to our great city they are putting on a free show at The Empty Glass tonight at 10 PM.

Rebel Inc., The Black Cross Brotherhood and upcoming RFC guest, StytchNtyme will be at The Blue Parrot at 10 PM with a five dollar cover. At the same time, Ghost Fleet will take the stage at Sam’s Uptown Cafe, for an unspecified cover charge.


The big deal is the all-day Music Fest 2013 at Laidley Field. Gates open at 11:30 AM. The music kicks off at 12:15 PM and there will be ten bands, including RFC guests, HarraH, Miniature Giant, Breedlove and Zeroking. Details can be found here and for more info, read Bill Lynch’s article from The Gazz here.

Another big deal is Everpulse’s second “Rockin’ On The River” at The Elkview Community Center. Starting at Noon, this all-day, all ages fest includes RFC guests, Everpulse and Deck of Fools, plus new bands Panic Bar, Aries Ablaze, Writing off Tomorrow, and more. This is a free event, but donations and a portion of the proceeds from concessions and raffles will go to the West Virginia Sheriff ‘s Association InVest Fund.

Free Music Saturday includes The Dread Pirate Roberts at Taylor Books at 7:30 PM and Danielle Conard and Steve Himes at The Wine Valley, located at 6 Liberty Plaza in Hurricane at 6:30 PM.

Onced and future RFC guests, The VooDoo Katz, make their triumphant return to The Empty Glass at 11 PM for a mere seven bucks. The band called and The Band Wagon will appear at Sam’s Uptown Cafe at 10 PM, again with no cover listed on their Facebook events page (he types while glaring in their direction).

That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. It looks like we’re about to go daily with our postings here. Tomorrow we will begin the process of re-posting episodes of RFC that were taken offline when MySpace hung themselves in their cell over the summer. That leaves only Wednesday free, and I’m sure we’ll think of something to fill up that space. All our regular features will return, and our first RFC Mini Show will hit Monday. Stay tuned in to watch all our best-laid plans come crashing down!